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Seven Leaf Technologies concentrates on modern financial services designed to serve the cannabis and banking industry.

In July of this year, we’ve initiated the development of a proprietary first-tier merchant processing system; a complete POS, tax management, and inventory solution, enabling businesses to take full control of their processes and products with BudTender Pro. The BudTender Pro product is a fully-featured, closed loop, push-button merchant processing system, designed to fill the void of capable and secure solutions for the legal cannabis industry.


Objectives for the rest of this year are:

• Communicating with dispensaries and medical research companies, in order to refine and customize the solution for all fields
• Meeting with and seeking open dialogue between government agencies, bank officials, and dispensaries, to ensure full compliance and maximum efficiency.
• Developing an easy to use interface that users in every sector will find simple and comprehensive.
• Calculating a dependable profitability that is fair and equitable to both vendor and buyer.

The legal cannabis market is forecast to grow to $24.1 billion by 2025 with a compound annual growth of 16%, from an estimated $6.6 billion worth in 2016, says The Cannabis Industry Annual Report: 2017 Legal Marijuana Outlook from New Frontier Data. In addition, the industry is expected to bring a quarter of a million jobs by 2019. Cannabis specific taxes alone will add $1.4 billion to tax revenue of states that legalize marijuana.

In anticipation of growing demand for legal cannabis applications, serious time and effort have been poured into development, strategy, and research, since the July start date of this year. This operation is well positioned to find its niche in serving the legal cannabis industry.

As the market develops, introducing new demands, directors are committed to utilizing conglomerate forward motion to secure out place as a compelling forerunner in the marijuana financial sector. Based on these figures, we have tremendous opportunities to grow as the industry standard solution. Currently, we are focusing on developing and maintaining the applications and processes that will carry us forward and through the next decade of vigorous growth.

Data Analytics

How big is the market for legal marijuana? These are the estimates based on a report by a leading marijuana industry investment and research firm.

As voters in more states embrace legalized marijuana sales, the burgeoning cannabis industry has gone from a curiosity to a bona fide booming market.

ArcView expects the legal marijuana market to show a compound annual growth rate of nearly 30% over the next few years.

U.S. Marijuana Sales Estimates 2015 – 2020 ($ Billions)

Source: Marijuana Business Factbook 2016